It’s so much easier to shock people these days,” he told the Guardian in 2018. “I find it extremely provocative and therefore inspiring to find myself in a society that is so prudish when it thinks it’s being liberal. It’s ridiculous.”

Barry Humphries, Australian comedian and creator of Dame Edna Everage, dies aged 89

The worst part about Twitter’s new ‘verification’ policy is that it affirms the false conflation between money and intellect, or that between wealth and truth.

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“When education is not liberatory, the dream of the oppressed is to be the oppressor.”
— Paulo Freire

He that has the gold
now gets to make the news too.
Alas, what’s new?

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Can we stop calling blue checkmarks "verified accounts"? They're not "verified" anymore; that was the whole point of Musk's switch. Anybody can get the checkmark if they pay cash for it.

They're *promoted* accounts.

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Nina Simone left us 20 years ago today, bequeathing her epochal music – and her soulful wisdom on time

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A word after a word after a word is power.

(Robert Leighton in the New Yorker.)

Finally started reading Stuart Russell’s Human Compatible - Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control.

Hitting me with insights!

In next week.

ISAS Seminar: Geoeconomics, Trade & Technological Conflict in the Indo-Pacific: India's Interests & Perspectives
Date: 30 March 2023
Time: 3.00pm – 4.15pm (SG Time)
Venue: ISAS, 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore
Register here:

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After a good discussion today @takshashilainst I created this system map to try and answer "Why do Indian governments employ private consulting firms to do public policy work?"

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Marriage is a legitimate institution until the State is involved. Discuss. (15 Marks)


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Pi Day is a fake holiday that exploits a universally beloved mathematical constant to promote US-style date formats.

Meirav Arlosoroff: “Is the rift in Israel too large to be overcome? Instead of trying for more unity, should we try a split? That is the question that underlies the idea of creating a federation, or dividing the country into cantons, that is currently being considered by a number of former officials. These are people who know how government works and who are occupied with the question of whether a new and functioning structure can be established for …”

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Work commutes offer space to both mentally transition from work to home roles and to start psychologically recovering from the demands of the workday.

So even if people can’t agree on whether it’s time to #returntotheoffice, many workers miss the commute.

#WorkFromHome #WorkCommute #Work #Psychology #Health

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My personal thoughts on staying put in the US (a country I moved to, despite its decline) vs moving to just about any other country is that I’d much rather live in a society that knows it is in decline, rather than one that gaslights you when you point out its flaws (most other countries).

Also, have I mentioned that your countries have few job opportunities for people from the outside?

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If we believe the future of money is digital we should be able to tokenise everything. All assets will have their own digital ledgers and by unifying them all we will be able to build a new framework for commerce.

My latest Ex Machina article.

Amit Varma and I spoke for hours on liberal nationalism, India, economics, politics and much else. On the Seen and the Unseen podcast.

English is an Indian language.

Appropriating it serves India's interests better than trying to reject it.

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