If we believe the future of money is digital we should be able to tokenise everything. All assets will have their own digital ledgers and by unifying them all we will be able to build a new framework for commerce.

My latest Ex Machina article.


The existential angst that we feel when faced with a new diruptive technology is not new. Which is why the AI revolution that is upon us now need not be feared - but used as an opportunity to re-skill ourselves.

My latest Ex Machina article.


Last year I had the opportunity to speak to a hall filled with over 700 designers. Perhaps unsurprisingly I chose to speak about Privacy by Design.


My latest Ex Machina article discusses the privacy by design features of India’s new FRT based airline access system.


In my latest article, I differ slightly with Smriti Parsheera's recent paper on Alt Big Tech. While SROs need governance I don't believe their design is flawed.

I'm also evaluating a new Web3 newsletter to which I might soon switch. What you think?


Computers used to scream out in pain when we connected them to the Internet.

This was a clue and we just didn't listen.

Turns out that Adobe is collecting all of its customers' pictures into a machine learning training set.

This is opt-out, not opt-in so if you use Lightroom, for example, it defaults to adding all of your photos to the set.

If these are unpublished pictures, work-in-progress, etc. they'll still be analysed as soon as they're synced.

I've been using Lightroom to sync photos from my Windows desktop to my iPad. Now I need to reconsider that.

My favourite review on Google Maps is for an Antarctic research station. Unfortunately, their penguin is not a people pleaser.

January 1st, the day when my timeline reminds me of the discrepancies between EU and US copyright law.

Today in 1983, 40 years ago: The ARPANET officially changes to using TCP/IP, the Internet Protocol, effectively creating the Internet.


If the calculator didn't already exist, someone would invent it now and call it "AI Math"

Is there a fediverse equivalent of Substack? (I know some might argue that Mastodon or various Mastodon-like forks already is) but it still seems that something more focused on long form is a bit different (even as various forks allow more characters).

I love closing out the year with this. 😊

On December 31, 1995, exactly 27 years ago today, legendary cartoonist Bill Watterson published his final 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip.

How beautiful and appropriate it was, and a timeless reminder of what we have before us in 2023. ❤️

Happy New Year, ya'll!

The lack of people posting *ordle results is one of the greatest things about Mastadon.

As we prepare to reset our reading challenges for the year, consider doing that on BookWyrm, an anti-corporate, fedi-friendly, human-centric alternative to the Amazon-owned Goodreads.

Find an instance here: joinbookwyrm.com/instances/

Oh, and let's be book friends?? I'm at bookwyrm.social/user/anaulin

#books #reading #bookwyrm 📚🐉

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